Cinema slides

Impactful Advertising in
A Fraction Of Budget

India is one of the major film producing countries for the last few years and over a thousand movies are getting released every year to serve this market. This fact creates a great opportunity for marketers to use this platform to display their brands and products.

Cinema slides provide a 360-degree marketing setting that is neat and finds the consumer in a relaxed and open frame of mind, perfect to get your message across.

People going for a movie are usually in a chilled mood and are never in a hurry. They are okay with watching the 10 minutes of advertising as the projection, audio and the overall ambience will step up their attention.

Cinema slide advertising reaches a large target audience each month, and its advertising recollections are 4x higher than ads placed on television.

Impact is very important when you want to create a space of your brand in viewers minds and hearts. And when it comes to impact, cinema slide is one of the leading media platforms available for marketers.

There are two types of cinema slide advertising

On-screen: On screen advertising is one of a traditional advertising form where you can run your ad on cinema screen in the interval time.

Off-screen: The theatre property has been used to endorse the brand which covers activities such as standee, leaflet distribution, product display, translite posters, etc.

Cinema advertising influences targeted consumers with state-of-the-art messages that engage moviegoers in a highly effective manner.

Include cinema advertising in your media budget and your marketing calendar. You and your brand will benefit at a fraction of what you would have spent for such an achievement. Give us a try and try out cinema slide advertising in your marketing strategy today.