Railway stickers

Get Undivided Attention from Travellers

Railways are the lifeline of our nation. With thousands of commuters depending upon railways for their work or travelling, the efficiency of this transport system cannot be overlooked.

Try and imagine the scene of a railway station, countless passengers, waiting and rushing for trains.

According to a research done on Indian Railways, at any given day 20,038 trains are on the run in India and carry approximately 22.21 million passengers every day. i.e. a noteworthy number of prospective customers. These stats explain why we prefer railway sticker advertising so much. Railway Sticker Advertising is one of the most advanced and effective methods to reach out to the target audience. With railway sticker advertising, brands can reach widespread and varied customers at once.

With railway sticker advertising, we can promise you of reaching the maximum audience at once. Railway sticker advertising has a footfall that includes everyone from businesspeople, home makers, children, office goers to leisure travellers. 

Trains cover wide distances which also guarantees that the communication message reaches a diverse audience spread across different areas. The travellers are highly interested, calm and open to communication during dwell time or travel time. Regular commuters just cannot ignore seeing railway sticker advertisements displayed at locations at the railway or train stations.

What is so unique about Railway sticker Advertising?

  • Focused exposure at a single point
  • Excellent visibility
  • Wider reach ability to a large audience
  • Long and wide distance coverage

Railway advertising is also one of the oldest modes of advertising that is being explored, used and reinvented till today for gaining maximum reach and visibility for any advertisement campaign.

We at Skyline, promise to create designs that will stand out from those of their competitors, but at the same time will effectively interact with their target audience.
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