Brand Manual Design

The Way to Build A Recognizable Brand Identity

So, you’ve heard about manual, but still not sure where to begin in creating yours? Or maybe you’re speculating whether it’s worth having one at all and whether it can truly bring value to your company?
The major advantage of having a brand manual is that it gives your business steadiness and consistency. Consistency in messaging and visual exhibition sets your company’s tone, personality and identity. Over a longer period of time, this nurtures trust and loyalty with the target audience. A design that is too diverse can be confusingly inconsistent, which weakens the brand identity and reliability. Your business will be able to distinguish itself from the competition and inspire greater consumer engagement. Both your mission and vision should be in the opening lines of the brand manual, so as to emphasize the details why it is important for everyone to be on the same page with the following guidelines.

What’s in a Brand Manual?

1. Logo: It details all the variations and versions of your logo and how it will look in these different platforms, what it’s placement, sizes and white space will be.

2. Colors: The brand manual defines when and how to use each color. Which one is used for the text and which for the design elements? Which color is for the logo, and which is for the background to make it pop?

3. Typography: Typography covers how and when to use certain fonts, which typefaces are suitable, as well as guidelines for additional styling, size, and use of color.

4. Messaging: Your brand’s voice should be associated with its personality, mission, vision, values and target audience. You can start by identifying words you like and don’t like to be associated with. Then, decide what type of language fits your personality and your target audience.

5. Dos and Don’ts: Having “Do” and “Don’t” columns with specific items under each helps drive home the point and importance of following branding requirements.

Keep in mind that you’re also creating these guidelines for yourself and for your team too, as it’ll make design and marketing projects infinitely easier – and more fruitful!

At Skyline, our expert graphic designers will create the perfect brand manual that will flaunt your brand’s identity gracefully and just the way you like it!