Newspaper Advertising

Print Design will always be a GOLDMINE

Measured Results That Reflect Your Brand And Help You Reach Your Goals

Despite the popular belief that "print is dead," demand for newspapers and print media in general remains very strong, and it is bolstered by all of the platforms and arrangements that publishers use to allocate content. Newspapers have always been strong return-on-investment (ROI) players in advertiser-sponsored models, especially in competition with other media. Among the benefits is the ability to choose an ad size ranging from a small section to a full page. Because they can be placed in newspapers in specific geographic areas, pre-printed advertisements improve the effectiveness of advertising. Aside from that, short deadlines ensure that ads are published within days. Needless to say, newspaper advertising is a tried and true method of establishing a brand.

People tend to trust print ads more.

Even when networked with digital advertising, Millennials continue to have a high level of trust in print advertising. Printing has maintained its high level of trust.

They get a larger attention span

Newspaper readers are more engaged in general. Reading is regarded as a leisure activity, and you are less likely to be distracted by notifications on your mobile phone screen.

More targeted and focused audience

People interact with newspapers and print in ways that differ from how they interact with digital advertising. A reader, for example, has a much better chance of remembering a print ad than a digital ad. In addition, consumers place a higher value on products and services that they see advertised in print.

Establishes your Brand visibility

Print advertisements can help you launch your brand and increase brand visibility in ways that online marketing cannot. They tend to live longer in homes, as opposed to pop-up ads, which can be easily skipped, allowing the viewer to return to the ad at a later time.

Classified Ads
  • Text-based, short, one-column wide, chargeable as per line count
  • Appear in specific sections of the newspaper like vacant property, obituary, business, matrimonial, and travel
  • Text ads or display ads comprise employment, services, real estate or matrimonial
  • Multiple options for types and styles
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Display Ads
  • Appear with regular editorial content. Full page, half page, quarter page or custom sizes available
  • Can appear in sections like vacant property, obituary, business, matrimonial, and travel
  • Text, images, logos and a host of information can be included. Charges based on area quoted in per sq. cm or per column cm
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Notice Ads
  • Appear in or near the classified section
  • Contain information required by law to be made available to the public and information of specific and professional nature
  • Types include public, legal, company, tender, and caution
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Financial Ads
  • For communicating financial information in mass media
  • Types include finance-related matters, unaudited financial results (UFR), audited financial results (AFR), public Issue ads
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Recruitment Ads
  • Important in creating an impression on job seekers
  • Specialist recruitment advertising agencies available for designing effective ads and building an employment brand
  • Micro-sites used for better ads with minimal copy
  • Types include domestic and overseas
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