Campaign Planning

Selecting the right medium

Creating just one advertisement is not enough!

A single advertisement will not be able to make a lasting impression. However, with an effective Advertising Campaign, you can develop an entire strategy for achieving a specific goal, as well as plan all of the necessary steps to move the process forward. Advertising campaigns entail creating a series of advertisements and distributing them through various media to reach a specific target group. It enables you to deliver the right content to the right audience on the right platform, allowing you to achieve the right growth metrics.

The objectives of an Advertising Campaign -

1. Brand Image Building

2. Accelerate growth and Market share

3. Influence buying decisions

4. Educate Customers

5. Keep the product in the public eye

Research: The first step is to conduct market research on the product you intend to advertise through a medium.

Know the Target Audience: Who is your intended audience? What are they hoping to see? What motivates them to purchase your product? The analysis of your target audience provides a clear picture of how you will carry out your advertising campaign.

Setting the Budget: Make a budget and calculate the campaign's ROI.

Deciding a Theme: The campaign's theme must be determined, including the colours to be used, graphics, music to be used, ad design, message delivery method, language to be used, jingles, and so on.

Selection of Media: The media should be chosen based on the most effective means of communicating your message to your target audience..

Executing the Campaign: The campaign must be carried out, and then the feedback must be recorded.

The Most effective types of Advertising Campaigns -

It is critical to identify the most effective advertising campaigns that work best for your brand and organisation, and to not be afraid to use a variety of mediums to promote your business.

Newspaper/ Magazines

Before the digital age, advertising on print media was hands down the most effective way to reach the target audience. By placing ads in the right publications, you can be exposed to a huge swarm of potential customers and if your offer stands interesting, it is most likely that the ad would produce an incredible ROI for your company. Skyline provides a platform for all of this and more..

Outdoor Advertisements (OOH)

Outdoor or Out-of-home is probably every advertiser’s fancy – his chance to make a grand impression. Nothing beats the kind of mileage a brand can get from a strategic outdoor placement. For example, signboards, street fixtures, vehicles, electronic advertising screens, etc. Our source of inspiration lies in successfully positioning brands and delighting clients. The life force behind this source is a strong network of trusted vendors and a dynamic collaboration of proficient partners at Skyline.

TV and Radio (AV)

Although a TV Ad Campaign can be very expensive, if you have a product with a wide appeal and want to improve brand awareness and drive sales, TV Ad Campaigns are your go-to. We assist you to maximize the use of these mediums to run advertising campaigns.


Online Advertising

The utter size of the audience that exists and increases online every single day, combined with the available advanced targeting tools, make Online Advertising the most cost-effective way to attract new customers and grow your business in the 21st century.

Advertisements through the internet like online advertising, social media, website, mobile ads, email marketing, web banners, mailers, etc are not only interactive but also offer great reach. We help our clients optimize the online platform by using compelling and creative designs to match pace with NextGen technology.