Bus panel / shelter

Unparalleled Reach and Engagement

In a week a bus can travel hundreds of miles. The scale is extraordinary.

Just envision the number of people in their cars standing behind a bus, or people standing across the street looking at the bus, reading advertisements!

Hundreds? Thousands?

Bus panel / shelter advertisements are an efficient way to influence a local audience through continuously reminding them of your business.

The very fact that public transports particularly buses that are extremely mobile and are to be seen everywhere, delivers an extra advantage. This is the leading reason why Bus panel / shelter ads are prevalent and effective.

People of all walks of life get to see these ads. This regularity together with cost-effectiveness makes Bus panel / shelter advertising highly desirable.

Research has shown that bus shelter advertising creates brand awareness and generates quick memory with high exposure. This is likely to rise with the increasing bus shelter market and cutting-edge innovation that gives the audience gigantic reach and engagement chances.

Bus shelter advertising is everywhere, and this provides a nonstop, effective advertising presence. No other advertising medium reaches the crowds like Bus panels / shelters do.

Nobody can overlook advertisements placed on buses. Unlike ads on television or radio, there is no scope to change channels, turn off or mute Bus panel / shelter advertisements. This is why bus advertising as a branding strategy has grown hugely popular over the years.

Pedestrians, travellers, drivers or residents in buildings next to roads simply cannot miss a Bus panel ad passing by them.

Buses go places! And so bus ads also go places!

Want your ad to be displayed on a bus panel / shelter?
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