Minimum Content; Maximum Impact

Banner ads are one of the most creative forms of online marketing. Being cost-effective, easily accessible and very effective IF done right.

Just the way a physical banner outside a shop would make you enter the shop because it says they offer a great discount on a specific product or they have this new product that kind of sparks your curiosity. It’s the same with online banner ads.

The internet is an eventful place full of businesses competing for consumer attention.

Skilfully designed banners can entice customer attention and form a good first impression, driving the customers towards buying your product. As a business, creating flash, animated, and static banner designs help your business stand out from the crowd.

It’s all about the right setting and placement. For it to be relevant, the banner ad positioned on a certain website has to be related to your business niche and to offer an answer to the question the visitor that ended up on that website has.

Two types of E-Banners

1. Standard / Static E-Banner: A typical standard banner mostly comprises text with a logo or graphic. Standard banners are static and the only possible interaction is a click on it.

2. Interactive Banner: An interactive E-banner is highly interactive and dynamic. They usually offer more than one interaction, trying to get users to engage.

Banner ads are a huge part of the visual world. They are effective because people react better to visual content or a communication that goes together by a visual example.

If you have plenty of information on how to be creative and how to design everything from scratch, it’s going to make your banner ad stand out from the crowd.

We trust in the fact that excellence and creativity are the qualities of any good design. We have always combined these philosophies in our E-banner ad designs. Our team takes care of even the tiniest details and rationally blends the components of a good design to put forward the message for grabbing the needed attention.