Purchase Order

This Little Document Goes A Long Way

A purchase order is much more than just a form; it’s a form that signifies a way of life for businesses that order large quantities of raw goods or supplies from a seller on a regular basis.

Are you one of them?

A purchase order is necessary for your business if it deals with buying and supplying goods from places.

The purchase order serves as an offer, on paper, to purchase a specific product, in a specific amount, for a specific price. Once a vendor accepts a purchase order, it develops an agreement between buyer and seller. The vendor will send your company the goods you need, and send your company an invoice.

When most small businesses start out, they waive a purchase order process in favour of a more casual approach.

But if you want your company to grow, you will need a proper Purchase Order (PO) to get started with because when purchases become more complex, comprehensive, and crucial, a simple cash-for-goods purchasing system will lead to confusion.

How will it make my life easier?

1. Orders become easier to track
Purchase orders help you better account for all of the goods and services your company has ordered, keep tabs on how you’re paying for them, and track when they’re arriving.

2. Avoid audit problems
How? Purchase orders eliminate a lot of stress from the auditing process by providing auditors with a definite audit trail and an easy way to cross-check invoices and packing slips.

3. Vendors are easier to deal with
If your vendor is used to receiving purchase orders, you’ll get your shipment faster if you send them one.

If you need a dedicated team who can take care of the design and format of your Purchase order that makes your business transactions 2x easier, then you have landed on the right place.

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