Fact Sheet

Go Beyond Bullets

For you and your team, it can be intimidating pulling together brief, convincing human resources onboarding constituents that best represent your company, all while sufficiently addressing a range of associates.

Key company facts are typically sprinkled throughout multiple human resources packets, one-sheets, and binders. One simple way to cut down on paperwork and communicate important information is to make an image-driven company fact sheet.

Company fact sheets can include infographics, charts, and photos, as well as extra onboarding content. It's been well-proven that using graphics guarantees that employees will actually read what you give them.

An appealing and brief company fact sheet can help new employees feel informed and self-assured on their very first day, and it can save your team a lot of time. Your message will be extra effective when you boil it down into fast, digestible data bites.

To be concise, your business needs a Fact sheet.

Fact sheets should be simple and straightforward. If you have data you'd like to show in a chart, it should be presented in a clear and clean format - even for the most complex industries.

Ready to create a new fact sheet for your company?

Skyline is an effective way of creating professional infographics and Data sheets.